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Jen Riggs


I started my business for my two girls. Ella was born in 2003 when I still worked for my brother. She spent many days in the office with us. Avery came along in 2005 and that’s when I decided I wanted to stay at home.  My husband, Ryan, and I were fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase a business I could operate around my kids’ schedules from home. Customers who have been with me since they were little remember me delivering orders with those two at my heels. I’ve watched their families grow, and they’ve watched mine. I’m forever grateful to my brother, Bryan, for the ability to do something I love, while also raising the two children I love.


Lindsey Webb

Super Saleswoman

Lindsey has been a family friend for a long time. We came back in contact when her kids started school and she was on, what seemed like, every PTA in town. She loved being in charge of apparel, so I got to work with her often. She made the mistake of telling me that she LOVED apparel, and if I ever needed help, she would join me. I asked her to make sure she was serious and then gave her a job on the spot! Initially I hired her to keep me organized with existing orders, ordering apparel, bookkeeping etc. But little did I know, the second she agreed to the job, she would start selling to EVERYONE. So the books still aren’t caught up. My office is still a wreck, but Lindsey is taking care of my customers better than I can. She knows the ins and outs of PTA/PTOs, fundraising events, booster clubs, etc., because she’s done it all! She is an amazing asset to our team who’s passionate about helping people through apparel. I’m so thankful for a great employee who is Superhuman, a Super mom, and a Super friend.

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Who we are

I am the owner, Jennifer Riggs. I run this business with my colleague and good friend, Lindsey Webb. Together, we make a powerful team of Super Moms who are extremely grateful for the opportunity to do what we love! Read our bios above for more information! 

How it started

In the beginning, my brother sold his business to me. As time went on, word of mouth grew my business into something I never expected. Team Wear has become much more than just team uniforms. We now sell to schools, businesses, churches, individuals, groups, etc.

Why choose us

We’re two strong women with a passion for people, apparel and sports! We’ve built long lasting clients and friendships because we truly love our job. We’ve watched families grow as our clients have watched ours grow. We truly love what we do, and we think it shows. 

How it works

We know you’re busy! Whether you are a coach, teacher, business owner, parent, etc., you don’t have time for extra duties. That’s why we handle as much (or as little) as you want. You can be involved fully, or send us the info and let us do the rest. Head over to our Services page to get more info!

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